Topic 2017: "Headwind"

Wind instruments in Global Pop

From Germany:
Moop Mama // Fiva & Jazzrauschbigband // Meute // Loisach Marci //Unterbiberger Hofmusik feat. Matthias Schriefl // Hot Klub

Red Hot Chilli Pipers (GBR) // Flook (GBR/IRL) // Electro Deluxe (FRA/USA) Bixiga 70 (BRA) // Fanfarai (MAR/FRA) // Rosario Smowing (ARG) // Džambo Agusevi (MKD) // Oratnitza (BUL) // Bufa y Sons (ESP) // European Tuba Power (GER/ ITA/POR/F)

It’s a bit too early for a weather forecast. But not too early for a “headwind” warning for the 42nd Bardentreffen, Germany’s most popular world music festival, guaranteeing hot – and stormy rhythms. For international top bands will present music of a slightly different and whacky kind.

While in the old days, beer tents and village fetes were the main “field of work” for tuba, trombone and trumpet in oompah bands, wind instruments have now been admitted to the trendy city clubs scene and the major music festivals. “In our country, the image of wind music has significantly changed in the past few years“, says festival director, Rainer Pirzkall. “We are not so much interested in the traditional idea of the Bavarian oompah band wearing lederhosen, but rather in the influence of wind music – in the truest sense of the word – on current pop music between folk, hip-hop and house.” True to its tradition, in 2017, the Nuremberg’s festival “classic” will again not be stopped by borders, neither by the Bavarian nor the German ones. In addition to great artists and newcomers on the German brass scene, such as Moop Mama, Fiva & Jazzrauschbigband, Meute and Loisach Marci, the festival will present urban brass sounds from all around the world, the line-up including the Red Hot Chilli Pipers from Scotland, Bixiga 70 from Brazil, Electro Deluxe from France, the Džambo Agusevi Orchestra from Macedonia, Fanfaraï from Algerien and Rosario Smowing from Argentina.

 Music without walls and without frontiers. As ever, entrance for the Bardentreffen will be free, thanks to sponsors, such as Sparda-Bank Nürnberg. So, in keeping with the principles of a cooperative bank, the world music festival will be a cultural experience for everyone, without restrictions. And, of course, every visitor can support this unique free-of-charge festival by buying the Bardentreffen pin.

Fiva & Jazzrausch Bigband
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