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"World Wild Accordion"

Focus of the 44th Bardentreffen


[Translate to English:] Kimmo Pohjonen (FIN)
[Translate to English:] Johanna Juhola (FIN)

Artists on the theme "World Wild Accordion"


Kimmo Pohjonen (FIN) // Vincent Peirani & Living Being (FRA) // Che Sudaka (ARG/COL) // Orquesta Silbando (ARG/FRA) // Johanna Juhola Reaktori (FINI) // Mário Lúcio (CPV) // Yegor Zabelov (BLR) // Wendy McNeill (CAN) // Beat Bouet Trio (FRA) // Lalala Napoli (FRA/ITA) // Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird (USA/GER) // Belem (BEL) // Will Pound & Eddy Jay (GBR) // Jaune Toujours (BEL) // Martin Spengler & die foischn Wiener (AUT) // Holler My Dear (GER/AUT) // Die Mampen feat. Eko Fresh (TUR/GER/ITA) // Sterzinger III (AUT) // Nürnberger Akkordeonorchester (GER) // Maxi Pongratz (GER) // Boxgalopp (GER)


Don’t worry! Audiences at the Nuremberg Bardentreffen will not need any airbags or crush-collapsible zones, when this year the most varied musical cultures clash in the historic Old Town. From “A” for accordion to “Z” for Ziehharmonika (concertina) the 2019 World Music Festival will have as its theme the “Wide Wild World” of the sounding squeezebox.

The different builds of this instrument (bandoneon, concertina, Viennese, Scottish, Irish, French, Styrian accordion or Schwyzerörgeli…) are as varied as the musical styles it has enriched with its unique sound for the past 200 years (Finnish and Argentinian tango, chanson, klezmer, funaná, forró, cumbia, zydeco, Viennese song, alpine folk etc …. “The bandwidth of this instrument is huge in many aspects. That also goes for its many nicknames (groanbox, squeezebox, stomach Steinway and many more). In this edition of our festival, we want to set out to prove that the accordion is better than its reputation”, says Rainer Pirzkall, artistic director of this classic of world music festivals.


[Translate to English:] Vincent Peirani (FRA)
[Translate to English:] Wendy McNeill (CAN)

Over 20 focus concerts (of about 90 shows in the overall programme) will feature concert accordion virtuosos, such as French shooting star, Vincent Peirani, and the award-winning British youngsters’ duo, Will Pound & Eddy Jay. There will be a bit of (air) pressure from best-known accordion avant-gardist, Finland’s Kimmo Pohjonen, his compatriot, Johanna Juhola, and Yegor Zabelov from Belarus. But also singing accordionists, such as Canadian, Wendy McNeill, critical US-American, Daniel Kahn, with his klezmer band Painted Bird, Maxi Pongratz of the Bavarian Dada cult combo, Kofelgschroa, or Viennese songwriter,Stefan Sterzinger will get a word in. This topic highlights a character instrument which has much more to offer than just black and white keys, an instrument with rough edges, with buttons and folds. “Manifold” in the truest meaning of the word. Just what people are used to from Bardentreffen, and why they love it so much.

Music without walls and borders. Thanks to sponsors such as the Sparda-Bank Nürnberg, Bardentreffen has remained a cultural event which is free of charge. Stefan Schindler, CEO of Sparda-Bank Nürnberg, emphasises: “Bardentreffen is synonymous with diversity and community, and it is precisely this feeling of togetherness which we want to strengthen with our commitment.”

Those who want to press an accordion to their hearts may purchase a silver accordion pin (available for a donation of €5 at the information stands) and come out as lovers of our festival.

[Translate to English:] Orchesta Silbando (ARG/ESP)
[Translate to English:] Will Pound & Eddy Jay (GBR)
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