Here you'll find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) related to entrance fee, programme or to street music...

Are all concerts free of charge?
Yes, all Bardentreffen concerts are free of charge.

Where can I stay overnight?
There is a number of smaller hotels and B&Bs in the immediate vicinity of the festival. 

Is the programme brochure also available in English?
No, but all information about the festival and artists performing can be found in shortened form on our website.

Do I need a permit as a street musician?
No. During the festival, no permit is needed

How do I get to play on the Street Music Stage?
For information about performing on the Street Stage please click here.

May I play anywhere in the Old Town as a street musician?
No! There are some squares and streets where, for safety reasons, street music is not permitted. Particularly on bridges and other narrow passageways, clusters of listeners would impede the flow of pedestrians. For a map of locations please click here.