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Dos and Don’ts for the Festival and Safety Information

Please take the time to read this information so that the Bardentreffen becomes a great experience for all audiences and participants. You can find a location map for all venues here.

You can find FAQs on safety during the Bardentreffen here.


The Bardentreffen is staged at various locations in Nuremberg’s Old Town. At the Insel Schütt venue, in particular, we would like to ask you to show consideration for the unique stock of older trees and for the new planting. Dogs are not allowed in the St. Katharina, Kreuzigungshof and KulturGarten venues. It is advisable not to take dogs to the remaining venues. Your best bet is to chain your bicycles somewhere a bit away from the venues. Due to large crowds, crossing the venues Hauptmarkt and Insel Schütt by bike will not be possible. Additional bike stands will be put up for the festival: at Obstmarkt (next to the Commerzbank), at Hans-Sachs-Platz, at Insel Schütt (near the school) and at Gewerbemuseumsplatz (next to the municipal library).

If you need help do not hesitate to contact us. You will find contact people in the six information huts at the Hauptmarkt, Insel Schütt, St. Katharina,

Lorenzer Platz, Sebalder Platz and Museumsbrücke venues (marked with “i” on the location map), at the security service points (e.g. next to and in front of the stages), at the paramedical service points and with the police. Their locations are also marked on the map. Our mobile pin sales staff (easy to recognise with their neon yellow warning vests) will also be happy to help.

Filming and Photographs

Visitors to the Bardentreffen agree that the organiser – without being obliged to pay any remuneration – has the right to have image and sound recordings of the event made for documentation and for the organiser’s own advertising purposes, to duplicate those recordings, and to broadcast and use them. These rights apply without any restriction on location and time. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Please help to avoid or reduce waste! In addition to existing municipal waste bins, there are extra bins set up at all venues – also near the catering huts. Please use the bins provided. Thank you very much!

Trip Hazards

In order to supply all facilities with electricity and water, we need to lay cables and hoses on the ground in many places. While they are marked as clearly as possible, we would like to ask you to keep your eyes open so that you do not suffer any injury. If you detect a particular trip hazard, feel free to contact us on Tel.: +49(0)911-231 2000).


Even on the most beautiful summer days, thunderstorms may develop quite rapidly. Since many metal structures such as the stage, the loudspeaker towers and the cable ducts are vulnerable to lightning strikes, it is important to go to a safe area in good time. Thunderstorms can happen really fast!

We will watch the weather situation and will warn you via the loudspeaker system in time. Please also inform other visitors who might not have heard these warnings.

Please then follow our instructions fully!

Please also keep a look out for signs of thunderstorms, such as sudden gusts of wind, thunder clouds and thunder, and go to a safe place in good time. You can use the following rule of thumb to work out how far away a thunderstorm is: first you count the seconds between lightning and thunder; then you divide the number of seconds by 3 and get the distance of the thunderstorm in kilometres. When the thunderstorm is 5 kilometres away, i.e. when there are about 15 seconds between the lightning and thunder, there is immediate danger!

What to Do in Thunderstorms

Since you need to plan some time for reaching a safe place, you should start going there in good time (at the latest when there are 30 seconds between lightning and thunder).

Keep calm and go to a safe area:

  • your own car or a car belonging to other guests
  • underground, trams and buses
  • churches
  • multi-storey or underground car parks
  • surrounding buildings
  • surrounding catering businesses

If you cannot find a safe area, please do the following:

  • keep a distance from stage structures, tents, loudspeaker towers, flag poles, lamp posts (at least 1 metre, better 3 metres)
  • keep a distance from trees (10 metres)


If you are asked to leave the venues because of a dangerous situation, the first rule is to keep calm.

You can leave the open venues in almost all directions. Please follow fully the instructions given via the loudspeakers and the instructions issued by the police and by security personnel.

You can download an interesting leaflet about dos and don’ts during storms/thunderstorms here.


In changeable weather conditions, please do not forget protection against rain and rainwear. Often, the rain shower will be over soon, and you can continue enjoying the festival.


In high wind and storms, trees and wooded areas should be avoided (e.g. at Insel Schütt). Branches and twigs may break off and fall down. In this case, please go to a safe area.

Street Musicians Listen Up!

The Bardentreffen thrives on the colourful mix of many street musicians on the streets and squares. Some rules must, however, be followed by street musicians. These include respect for the barred areas where making music is not allowed for safety reasons (e.g. on all bridges), volume rules such as not using electric amplification, not laying any cables etc … Street musicians may find detailed rules for playing here. If you are a street musician, please help by sticking to these rules. This will safeguard that in future, making street music during the Bardentreffen will still be permitted in the usual uncomplicated way, without any application and preselection. And that’s what we all want!?!

First Aid

You can find paramedics on the Hauptmarkt north of the Church of Our Lady (Frauenkirche) at the so-called brides’ turning point (Brautkehre) and at Insel Schütt behind the stage (see location map). At all venues, the stage personnel will provide additional help, and the staff have dressings for smaller wounds.

In an emergency, you can also call 112.


There are police stations at Weißer Turm and at the Old City Hall (Theresienstraße 2, see location map). In addition, police officers will continually patrol the city centre.

In an emergency you can also call 110.


We hope that we will have a beautiful, sunny festival weekend. But too much sun can also be bad for you. Drink lots of water, and protect your skin against sunburn by using sun lotion, covering your head and wearing suitable clothing. Please take down your umbrellas during concerts so that the visitors behind you can also enjoy a free view of the stage.

If all those involved in the festival and all visitors heed these dos and don’ts, we will all certainly have a great festival.

We hope you enjoy it, make many musical discoveries and are brilliantly entertained.

Safety Information
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