Künstlergespräch: Shantel (EUR)

SU., 28. JUL 2019 18:30 Burgtheater

In addition to numerous open-air live performances, Bardentreffen gives its audiences an opportunity to experience a selection of musicians from the official festival programme in dialogue. For our series “Encore – Musicians in Dialogue”, guests from all over the world are invited for informal chats with journalists, far from the festival bustle. In a 30-minute interview, the journalists will try to lure the musicians into giving an insight into their everyday lives. This year, the talks will be held in Burgtheater, in the Hall of Honour of the Old City Gall, and in Herrenschießhaus.

Artists invited include Bukahara (moderator Nadia Kailouli), Shantel (moderator Andreas Radlmaier), Nedim Hazar with Eko Fresh (moderator Alexander Jungkunz) and Maxi Pongratz (moderator Daniel Peter). In the context of the screening of his documentary, Kimmo Pohjonen (moderator Daniel Peter) from Finland has also been invited to a talk.


About Shantel

With the smouldering heat of his “Bukovina Club” Shantel has already set fire to international dance floors. His mother’s family hails from eastern European Bukovina, this colourful patchwork of cultures between Russia and the Ukraine. No leg stays immobile wherever Shantel plays with his Orkestar. Forecast for the Main Market Square: Balkan quakes.