Street music

Photo: Niklas
Photo: Niklas
Photo: Pfeiffer
Photo: Niklas
Photo: Niklas
Photo: Niklas

Bardentreffen festival without its street musicians? It would not be the same! Right next to internationally performing world music stars and singer-songwriters, hundreds of ambitious street musicians, both local and foreign, present their art to the carefully listening audience. Over the years, Bardentreffen became a well known spot for street musicians from all over the continent.

To maintain the frisky, almost Mediterranean atmosphere despite growing numbers of street musicians, there are some basic rules to be observed by all protagonists:

1. Amps:
Generally spoken: amps are permitted.

2. Volume:
Be aware of performing music colleagues next to you. If everyone eagerly tries to get ahead of neighboring musicians, no one will be satisfied.

3. Restricted areas:
Some areas are closed to street music, due to security reasons. Especially the bridges are narrow and restricted areas. You can download a map indicating areas opened for street music.

4. Curfew:
Curfew for street music is 23.00. All other concerts on official stages end at that time.

5. Duration:
You may perform for max. 90 minutes at the same place. Then musicians have to search an alternate space to continue their performance.

6. Band members
One group may consist of a maximum of seven band members.

7. Staff:
There is security staff circling. So please make sure, to maintain these few basic rules.

Contribute to keeping street music alive by reflecting your behaviour!

Thank you for your compliance.