Colbinger (GER)

SA., 22. JUL 2023 22:00 Strassenbühne
Colbinger, Foto: Tina Buchweitz

Colbinger - voice, songwriter, lyricist and guitarist. His musical style is home to elements of folk, rock and country. He is a song poet who is able to clothe the ups and downs, the light and the shadows in wonderful and also clear words. He calls his songs reminders and companions, to open up life and create aesthetic access to the world. According to Colbinger, music inspires, motivates and inspires.

He writes songs and poems that deeply touch his listeners and readers, and on stage, bedded by the powerfully accented acoustic guitar, his voice carries the words sometimes longingly, gently lovingly, sombrely or also sharply expressively directly into the hearts of his listeners. With his natural manner, poetic lyrics, musical joy and his feeling for the energy of the moment, he inspires his audience.