Brushy One String - Künstlergespräch (JAM)

SU., 23. JUL 2023 20:15 Pfarrhof St. Sebald
Brushy One String, Foto: Luciano Blotta

In addition to the variety of music on the stages and in the streets, the artist talks offer personal insights into the thoughts of artists who perform as part of the festival. The award-winning musician Dota Kehr, the Jamaican musician Brushy One String, who has made a name for himself internationally with his one-string guitar, and the Portuguese singer and producer Maro, known for her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, are invited to the 30-minute talks in a cosy atmosphere in the Kapitelsaal of the Sebalder Pfarrhof.


About Brushy One String:

A nightmare for most guitarists, but the fulfilment of a dream for Brushy One String. One night the Jamaican musician had the vision of playing a one-string guitar. After waking up, he tried it out and in a very short time could play a popular radio song, finding his first audiences on the street. Today, millions know his unusual guitar style, his warm voice and his wonderfully soulful Reggae songs.