GEMA Basics für Musikschaffende

Copyright Workshop
SU., 23. JUL 2023 12:00 Pfarrhof St. Sebald
Café Maulbeere, Foto: Melanie Stummhöfer

As part of the workshop "GEMA Basics for Music Creators", GEMA invites professionals and newcomers to an exchange round. The topics include:

• Why does GEMA actually exist?

• How does the administration of rights work?

• What do I need to know about membership?

• What online services and extras does GEMA offer for members?

• For whom is membership worthwhile and how do I become a member?

In addition, participants have the opportunity to share their individual experiences and questions.

Answers will be provided by Manuel Westermann, who has been working for GEMA in the Member Relationship department since 2022. Among other things, he works as a GEMA speaker at events and is responsible for communicating with new members. After studying popular music and media at the University of Paderborn, he completed the Popkurs Hamburg, the Celler School and was active as a singer & songwriter for many years.

More than 90,000 music creators have joined forces in GEMA. As a collecting society, GEMA represents its members' claims to remuneration worldwide when their copyrighted musical works are used (from the licence for music uses to the distribution of royalties). In this way, GEMA not only contributes to cultural and social causes, but is also committed to the interests of its members in the political arena and offers them an exclusive benefits programme with GEMAplus.

Free admission, no registration required

Speaker: Manuel Westermann