Echonauten (GER)

SU., 23. JUL 2023 15:00 Strassenbühne

The Echonauts have landed! Deep from the infinite expanses, they have settled in Nuremberg. Since the beginning of 2018, they have been serving up a good portion of folk, well seasoned with pop, rock and punk. Et Volá! A menu that is well worth seeing: From melancholic sounds to rousing stories to euphoric drinking songs, it's all there.

Alex (banjo/vocals/flute), Jakob (vocals/accordion), Flo (guitar/vocals), Domi (bass) and Erhard (cajón) provide the atmospheric ambience not only with covers, but also with their own songs.

In 2020, they released their first demo EP "Light Years Away" on Spotify and are constantly working on new songs.