La Delio Valdez (ARG)

Foto: PR
La Delio Valdez, Foto: PR

Voodoo Jürgens (AUT)

Foto: PR
Voodoo Jürgens, Foto: Florian Lehner

Bala Desejo (BRA)

Foto: PR
Bala Desejo, Foto: Elisa Maciel

Crucchi Gang (GER)

Foto: PR
Crucchi Gang, Foto: PR

Light In Babylon (ISR/TUR/FRA)

Foto: PR
Light in Babylon, Foto: PR

Labess (ALG)

Labess, Foto: Margot Luciarte
Labess, Foto: Margot Luciarte

Tamikrest (MLI)

Foto: Masatka Ishida
Tamikrest, Foto: Masatka Ishida

Aysay (TUR/DEN)

Foto: Sebastian Vistisen
AySay, Foto: Sebastian Vistisen


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Light in Babylon (ISR/FRA/TUR); Foto: PR
Light in Babylon (ISR/FRA/TUR); Foto: PR
Theme 2024: "Mediterranean Crossing"

(The entire line up will be released on 24. June.)

Already booked your summer holiday? The Mediterranean is a popular holiday destination for many Europeans. Sun, beaches and palm trees symbolise the dream of an earthly paradise come true. The Mediterranean has connected the three continents of Europe, Africa and Asia for many centuries. It is a melting pot of cuisines, arts and cultures. And yet it is also an almost insurmountable barrier for many on their way to a new life. The diverse musical and cultural currents in the Mediterranean region, to which the Nuremberg World Music Festival will be focussing this year, are also blurred by the tension between Orient and Occident.

Straßenbühne 2023, Stimmengewitter, Foto: Uwe Niklas
Foto: Uwe Niklas
Application start for the street stage

Attention talented musicians! From Friday, 26 July to Sunday, 28 July 2024, the Bardentreffen will once again offer aspiring musicians the chance to showcase their skills on the street stage in front of the Sparda Bank branch, Karolinenstraße. Whether global pop, singer-songwriting or choirs –  all music genres are welcome. Performances will be acoustic, as no speaker system will be provided. A total of 17 time slots will be allocated, with a maximum performance time of 60 minutes. We look forward to receiving numerous applications by 14 June 2024! 

Pay what you want

Many make culture for everyone. Your donation of 5, 10, 15 euros or more on site at the Bardentreffen information centres and in the online shop makes it possible. Pay what you want and can. Our thanks for your solidarity: Our unique ‘Raise Your Voice’ pin for your collection.

Bardentreffen T-Shirt, Foto: Uwe Niklas
Foto: Uwe Niklas
Our fairtrade Bardentreffen shirt!

Our Bardentreffen fan shirt is available again this year! The T-shirt is now available for purchase. It is made of 100% organic cotton and was produced under fair production conditions. With your purchase, you not only acquire a great piece of clothing, but also contribute to the Bardentreffen being able to take place with free admission in the future.

DakhaBrakha (Foto: Niklas)
Aziza Brahim (Foto: Niklas)
Insel Schütt (Foto: Niklas)
Vor der Lorenzkirche (Foto: Pfeiffer)
Akua Naru (Foto: Niklas)