Ami Warning - Gespräch (GER)

An artist talk
SU., 31. JUL 2022 20:30 Pfarrhof St. Sebald

Because they have been so well received in recent years, the artist talks are also celebrating a comeback at their best. Those whose curiosity has not been satisfied by the musical performances in the programme can go away from the hustle and bustle to the Kapitelsaal of the Sebalder Pfarrhof for a cosy exchange with selected artists. There, just a beat away from the stage on Sebalder Platz, the following will participate in interviews lasting thirty minutes each: the stage jubilarians Ton Steine Scherben with the well-known Nuremberg singer-songwriter Gymmick, the charming trio of sisters The Henry Girls from Ireland, Dreiviertelblut in a beautifully eerie Bavarian dialect and this year's winner of the "Musikautorinnenpreis", Ami Warning.

This conversation is conducted in German.