Djazia Satour (ALG/FRA)

Passionate voice of the voiceless
SA., 30. JUL 2022 21:00 St. Katharina

Her voice is passionate and fascinating, her music a unique mix of Arab folklore and pop groove. In France, Djazia Satour has long since made a name for herself with this, but we may still celebrate her as a new discovery. In her music, she unites Chaabi from the 1950s and the rhythms of the Bendir tribe, merging in light-footed bajo notes and deep bass sounds and merry piano playing. Thus she has created a refreshing new form of boundless Mediterranean folklore and pop, both a declaration of her love for her childhood in Algeria and an invitation to her audiences to discover new worlds and new stories. The singer tells stories of exile and migration and thus gives a voice to the many who don’t have a voice. A truly strong voice!