Dreiviertelblut - Konzert (GER)

Folklore-free folk music
SA., 30. JUL 2022 21:30 Sebalder Platz

„Folk free of folklore“, this is how film composer, Gerd Baumann, and Bananafishbones singer, Sebastian Horn, describe their work. With their band, the two musicians stage beautifully-spine-chilling songs, far from the folklore of dance groups in traditional dress, bull-necked attitudes, and showy “home’s best” proclamations. Their texts wander through the highs and lows of existence, from purest joy to darkest despair. And what seems as dark as the Bavarian forest, can sound surprisingly light and bright when played by this Upper Bavarian band. In between the danceable up-tempo numbers and slow motion ballads, Dreiviertelblut hardly leave out anything: there are waltzes, the Zwiefache with its rhythm changes, Jazz and Balkan rhythms.