Skull Sized Kingdoms (GER)

Interaktive and hyperaudiovisual
30. Jul 2022, 20:30 Lorenzer Platz

Skull Sized Kingdoms started off as a solo project and developed into a band where all members make their very personal contribution to the overall work. From the idea for a sound or a song right through to the production and visual implementation, they design everything themselves. Hannes Hümmer, Tim Schleicher (LEAK) and Albert Lich, in 2020, were joined by Hannes Hengster (Figure Beach, Mr.Pablo) and Jan Kerscher (Like Lovers, Ghost City Recordings), adding two new songwriters/singers/producers to the mix, who have further enriched the innovative sounds of this band with their singing. Together with 3D Visual FX Artist and Live-Visual Director, Wolfgang Riedl a.k.a. lazerozen, the collective now implement their vision of a novel, interactive and hyper-audio-visual band.