Béatrice Kahl & Elke Wollmann (GER)

Homage to Édith Piaf
SU., 23. JUL 2023 14:15 St. Katharina
Béatrice Kahl & Elke Wollmann, Foto: Ludwig Olah

Very daring! Pianist, Beatrice Kahl, and actress, Elke Wollmann, have put out feelers towards France and reached out for the repertoire of Edith Piaf, the icon of French chanson. They got a lot of press notices for this, but all of them most enthusiastic: “The sensitive, passionate interpretation and expressive alto voice of Elke Wollmann are greeted with almost the same enthusiasm as Piaf, the sensational exceptional singer, was in her time”, attested B5 radio station.