Dota (GER)

Return of a great song poet
SU., 23. JUL 2023 19:15 Insel Schütt
Dota, Foto: Annika Weinthal

When she first came to the Bardentreffen in 2006, Dota still introduced herself as “the princess of small change”, a title well-deserved by the Berlin musician at the beginning of her career. Just as she deserved the good write-ups and numerous awards which followed. Now Dota will make her audiences happy for the fourth time with her wonderful songwriter pop: sensitive, light and witty text, wrapped in an irresistible mix of Folk, Bossa Nova, Indietronica and Jazz.

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Before her concert, Dota will be a guest at the artist talk in the Pfarrhof St. Sebald (Kapitelsaal), on Sunday, 23 July, at 5 pm. Moderated by Daniel Peter.