Gankino Circus and Friends (GER/FIN)

Great world music show
SU., 23. JUL 2023 21:00 Sebalder Platz
Gankino Circus and Friends, Foto: Sascha Herrmann

Is it Folk, World Music, musical cabaret or circus? A bit of everything. And that's why their show is so special. This promises to be one of the superlatives at the Bardentreffen. Because the Gankinos have invited guests. In addition to the "pope" of Franconian folk music David Saam and fun heavy metal legend Vito C from J.B.O., the most dazzling couple of Finnish tango will also come: Laura Ryhänen and Mikko Kuisma from Uusikuu. A Finnish-Franconian cultural exchange! Adorably strange action on stage, handmade music and a big helping of Finnish-Franconian madness. Straight to the ear, and definitely also straight to the heart. Clear the circus ring!

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