NC Brown’s Chamber Blues Band Extended (GER)

SA., 22. JUL 2023 16:30 Sebalder Platz
NC Brown’s Chamber Blues Band Extended, Foto: Helmut Kempe

In their publicity, the NC Brown Blues Band say that they don’t want to reinvent the wheel. They just want to make sure that it keeps on rolling. This also involves showcasing Blues in all its diversity. They always manage to do this with slightly different line-ups. For their 45th anniversary and for the first time at Bardentreffen, this steam engine of Rhythm & Blues now gets going in an extended chamber concert line-up. On board: singer Reinhold Engelhardt, Blues harpist Chris Schmitt, pianist Budde Thiem, guitarist Andreas Blüml, percussionist Werner Treiber and as a “very special guest” bass player Norbert Meyer-Venus.