Orchestre International du Vetex (BEL)

With Brass across all borders
FR., 21. JUL 2023 21:30 Hauptmarkt
Orchestre International du Vetex, Foto: Piotr Spigiel

They come, they fascinate with their music, they are feted, and they disappear. Anyone can hear that on their tours they quite often pinch some sounds or a few musical notes from their hosts, but nobody minds. For the members of the Belgian-French Orchestre International du Vetex are exemplary, committed Europeans, and they play really great gigs: a crazy punky mix of Latin-inspired Balkan music and Tarantella, Polka or Cumbia. In its over 30 years, the group has performed at over 1000 concerts all over the world: on the squares of Sarajevo and in the Paris Metro, at the Turin Olympic Games and, of course, at major festivals. Welcome to Bardentreffen!

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