Pino Barone Band (ITA/GER)

Nuremberg's Cantautore Numero Uno
SA., 22. JUL 2023 19:00 Sebalder Platz
Pino Barone Band, Foto: La Tona Fotografie

What do you need to transform Sebalder Platz into an Italian piazza? The music of Pino Barone and his band. And nothing else. Want a bet? While the singer with the big voice was born in the southern districts of Nuremberg and not in southern Italy, that’s where his ancestors came from, and he has his forebears’ popular music in his blood. For the first time, in addition to Italo hits and classics, this cantautore will also present his own songs at Bardentreffen.

Pino Barone can also be experienced before the concert in a panel discussion on Saturday, 22 July at 16.00 in the Kapitelsaal of the Seblader Pfarrhof.