Luca Bassanese & La Piccola Orchestra Popolare (ITA)

Romantic fighter
SU., 31. JUL 2022 17:15 Hauptmarkt

Luca Bassanese’s music is reminiscent of a mixture of Fabrizio de André, Goran Bregović and Manu Chao, his artistic approach reminds us of Federico Fellini. With his powerful Italian folklore, tarantellas, opera buffa and Balkan brass, he takes his audiences on a journey to the fantastic empire of “Ecotopia” and there is no escape. The show and songs of this troubadour, poet, singer-songwriter and environmental activist are too mesmerising. Wanting to make his contribution to a better world, he, like no other, stands for a new generation of Italian folk singer-songwriters who look at the world with irony, some measure of despair, but also with confidence.