Tim McMillan & Rachel Snow (AUS)

String athletics and harmony magic
SU., 31. JUL 2022 14:00 Trödelmarkt

Tim McMillan showcases his virtuoso acoustic skills in near athletic guitar chops and astute and melodic songwriting. For the Melbourne-born German-by-choice, no pigeonholes fit. He is everywhere and yet nowhere to be classified and combines folk, jazz, classical music, blues with a healthy pinch of heavy metal. The guitarist

not only knows how to break down genre boundaries, he is an exceptional expert on his instrument. Often unexpected nuances in the structure of the songs radiate a sometimes beguiling mood. For the album "Hiraeth" the collaboration with the classically trained Australian violinist Rachel Snow was a great gain and so the two have been touring the world as a duo for five years now. The music they play together captivates with its warm and intimate

atmosphere of guitar, violin, percussive inserts and two voices. Voices that delicately interact with each other and conjure up moving harmonies.