Ronja Maltzahn (GER)

Poetic world pop
SA., 22. JUL 2023 14:00 Sebalder Platz
Ronja Maltzahn, Foto: Tine Acke

Discussions about cultural appropriation can be a really hairy matter. Thus last year, the debate was not about Ronja Mahltzahn’s music, but her hairstyle. Because a white person was not supposed to wear dreadlocks on stage, the musician was uninvited from a concert in Hanover. This caused a stir all over Germany, but also brought well-deserved attention to Ronja’s fine, multilingual World Pop.

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Ronja Maltzahn will be a guest at a discussion following her concert at 4 p.m. in the Kapitelsaal of the Sebalder Pfarrhaus.